Best Places for Crawfish in Bossier City


If you can’t already smell the spices in the air, then heads up: It’s crawfish season. Every year, Louisianans anticipate the opportunity to chow down on these spicy crustaceans.

Boiled in salt, onion, cayenne pepper, bay leaf and other spices (usually with some corn and potatoes), this seasonal delicacy is a hotly anticipated treat each year. The quickest and easiest way to eat crawfish is to break off the head, peel off the ring on the tail, pinch just above the bottom of the tail, and use fingers or teeth to free the tail from the shell (although may people also love to suck the fat and juices out of the head).

So where is the best place to get crawfish in Bossier City? Well, we have a variety to choose from that all put their own spin, and spiciness, on crayfish throughout Bossier.

[Note: Prices are as of Feb. 20 and can change, so be sure to call ahead or check out their Facebook page for more info.]

Crawfish Palace

Location: 1865 Hwy. 80, Haughton
$6.99 lb to go or $23.39 for a platter (3 lbs. crawfish, 1 corn, 2 potatoes)

Just east of Bossier City between Haughton lies Red Chute and the Crawfish Palace. The name says it all: picnic tables, cold beer and friendly service await your crawfish feast. The crawfish here were a little on the expensive side, but they were a nice size and very tasty. Crawfish Palace’s crawfish are perfectly spicy. They are perfect for a casual feast and/or a newbie to crawfish. An added bonus is the large hand-washing sink for diners and plenty of menu options for your friends who think crawfish is “too much work.”

Kim’s Seafood

Location: 901 Benton Road, Suite E, Bossier City
$6.99 per pound, must buy a minimum of 2 lbs.

Run by a family of New Orleans natives, Kim’s is all about boiled crawfish and big po’ boys. I found theirs to be perfectly spicy for my tastes, without being too much or overwhelming. Owned by Duc Duong and his wife, this is the third restaurant launched by the pair after the other two in New Orleans and southern Texas were destroyed by hurricanes. After relocating in Bossier because of Hurricane Katrina, their current restaurant is renowned for not only their boiled crawfish, but maybe the two most unique crawfish dishes you’ll find: crawfish fried rice and the crawfish egg roll. Made by hand, the crawfish egg roll is a strange, but delicious way to get your fix and not have to deal with all that peeling. This is definitely one of the best places to get crawfish in Bossier City.

Shane’s Seafood and BBQ

Location: 4726 E. Texas St., Suite 100, Bossier City
$7.99 per pound, minimum of 2 lbs.

Shane’s Seafood and BBQ has several locations across Bossier and Shreveport, but the only Bossier restaurant has a nice atmosphere that feels like a great mix of casual and upscale. A local favorite, it’s easy to see why Shane’s crawfish has endured as their crawfish were seasoned really well with the right amount of saltiness and heat. They get bonus points for their delicious corn and potatoes. They also feature a wide array of fried seafood, hamburgers and barbecue for the non-crawfish fans in your group.

Cork & Barrel

Location: 5212 Airline Dr., Bossier City
$7.99 for 1 lb., $24.99 for 3 lbs. (includes 2 potatoes and 1 corn), $38.99 for 5 lbs. (comes with 4 potatoes and 2 corn)

In north Bossier, Cork & Barrel is a popular spot for a crawfish dinner. Partly because their crawfish are spicy, salty and super flavorful. Also, they have a wide array of beer to soothe your tastebuds with. Seriously, they have 31 beers and 3 wines on tap. Plus, their unique decor of wine barrel tables with cypress wood tops adds to a casual atmosphere, and they also has an outdoor patio with live music on select nights to recreate that backyard crawfish party feel. They also have a huge selection of appetizers, fish, hamburgers, steaks, pasta, shrimp, desserts and more in case you’re with some crazy person who doesn’t want crawfish.

River City Grille

Location: 1903 Benton Rd., Bossier City
$29.99 platters (approximately 4 pounds, 2 potatoes and 1 corn)

Looking for delicious crawfish in Bossier City? Come on down to River City Grille and get your crawfish fix. Perhaps what sets their spot apart is their patio. River City Grille’s semi-enclosed, insulated deck features roll-up doors and removable window panels for climate control. More than capable of seating over a hundred people, it’s a great place to enjoy your crayfish and have a beer with friends. They also host local musicians every Thursday, Friday and Sunday.

These are some of the best places to get crawfish in Bossier City. Of course, all this is to say that the best spot for crawfish might be your own backyard. If you’re adventurous enough, break out the giant pot, propane burner, crab boil and all the paper towels you can find and host some friends. But if that’s too much hassle and mess, then Bossier definitely has the perfect crawfish dinner spot waiting for you.

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