Valor Veterinary Emergency Hospital opens in Bossier City

On February 14 2024, Valor Veterinary Emergency Hospital opened its doors in Bossier City. Heading up this business are owners Dr. Randee Monceaux, a Bossier Parish native who has been practicing emergency veterinary medicine for 11 years, Dr. Seth Trachtenberg, a Veteran of the United States Army with over 20 years of veterinary care experience, and their Practice Manager, Jen White, who has been working professionally in veterinary medicine for 25 years.

The opening of Valor makes it the area’s first and only veterinary practice that is open 24 hours a day for seven days a week to provide emergency care to cats and dogs in the Bossier area.

“I know that we needed a facility that is 24/7 that focuses on emergency care so we decided to open a location that was easily accessible,” Dr. Randee Monceaux said. “We’re right off I-20 in the Heart of Bossier.”

This practice specializes in emergency medical care only and does not offer routine preventative medicine for your furry friends. Their growing team of 25 employees, most of whom have emergency medicine experience, provides daily, around-the-clock care for their patients. Their goal is to work with regular daytime veterinarians to get their animals back to them for any continued treatment.

“We’re here to supplement their care, not to compete with them,” Monceaux said.  

This 5,700 square-foot facility is equipped with 54 kennels, digital radiology, ultrasound, laboratory equipment, surgery, and are integrated with specialty consultation, should they need to send images off to get second opinions. They also have two treatment areas to be used in the instance that there are multiple active emergencies taking place. There is also a designated care room to provide privacy for families and their pets when necessary.

Though Valor is new, they plan to continue to grow both in their staff size and equipment for treatment.

“Our hopes would be to grow and get a CT Unit in the next couple of years,” Dr. Monceaux explained. “We hope that we become well known in the area to provide quality, caring medicine for people’s pets whenever they need emergency care.”

Oftentimes with emergency care, people fear the outcome of the cost. To help make the treatment process as stress free as possible, Valor has partnered with the myBalto Foundation to create Valor Vets for Pets, a nonprofit organization, to assist families with funds for treatment. General donations can be given to the organization or people can choose to donate to cover portions of the treatment process like the emergency exam, radiographs, or blood work. Any small amount can leave a lasting impact for families and their animals in need. In addition to cash and major credit cards, Valor also provides various financing options through CareCredit and Scratch. They also accept Trupanion Pet Insurance.

Adding a 24/7 Vet clinic to the Bossier area will ensure countless pet owners that no matter the time or day, their furry companion will have a locally owned place to receive medical care.  We treat pets like they are part of our family. It only feels right they should receive the same around-the-clock treatment that we do, and Valor is here to provide just that.

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  1. So glad to hear this.Bossier has needed this for a long time .We are long time residents of Bossier, living here for over 39 years.Thank you for coming to Bossier.

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