Tips from Bossier Parish School Teachers to Make The School Year Great

Bossier Parish Schools have welcomed back its 22,000 (and growing) student population for what’s sure to be another exciting year.

The first days of school are a big transition, though. While students are filled with excitement and typical first-day jitters, parents are often left wondering…“Did I prepare enough?” You see, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and a bit stressed out. And that’s ok. Stop, take a deep breath and keep reading.

Here are some useful tips from Bossier Parish educators to help you shake those first day jitters and feel more prepared for the coming year.

Be prepared – “Read the student handbook and know the uniform policy. Every school has it on their website. Know what supplies you need and make sure everything is in their backpack the night before so they can hit the ground running on the next day.” -Britney Bass, Legacy Elementary School

Be on time – “Make sure you leave extra early the first few days because traffic will be busier than usual, and you want to have plenty of time to find your classroom and get settled, especially if you are in sixth or ninth grade and are starting at a new school. Be in uniform with a smile and come with a positive attitude!” -Cil Guerro, Bossier High School

Talk to your child(ren) – “This goes especially for middle school…go ahead and talk about how the beginning of the year is overwhelming and put in place a system ahead of time to organize important information students get from their teachers. That way the students will know where to put important documents and write down things their teachers say to report back to their parents. Keeping an open and honest dialogue with your middle schooler about what’s going on at school is a great way to help them vent what is overwhelming.” -Ashley Johnston, Elm Grove Middle School

Communicate transportation arrangements – “One thing that elementary teachers really worry about the first few weeks is knowing how each child will go home. A lot of times parents will pick up their kids in the car line for a few days then transition to a bus route. Or even bus in the morning but car in the afternoon. We need to have a clear plan for dismissing every child. The parent needs to be sure to send a note or call the school to let us know if a change in transportation is happening. We can never just take the child’s word for it!” – Shaina Clark, Kerr Elementary School

Figure out a home routine – “A home routine is very important. Students that have a schedule are more alert and prepared for their academics. They participate more in class and struggle less with new concepts. Routines help lower stress and anxiety.” -Kelli Rehak, W.T. Lewis Elementary School

Stay involved – “It is important for parents to stay actively involved with school activities. School websites are a great source of information about upcoming events and ways parents can help.” – Kim Tuminello, Principal of Sun City Elementary School

And most importantly….

Be encouraging – “The number one thing is to encourage your student. Let them know that this is going to be the best year yet…attitude is everything!!” -Britney Bass, Legacy Elementary School

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