Bossier Milennial Pro: Heather Buckmaster

Bossier is home to all types of young professionals who are on their way towards or already leading Bossier Parish into the future. To help you get to know the who’s who of tomorrow, let’s meet some of Bossier’s young talent.

This month’s Millennial Pro is Heath Buckmaster. She lives in Haughton and works in Bossier City. She is an Airline High School graduate, married to her husband, Travis, and mother to her son, Lawson. But let’s find out more…

What do you do? I’m a receptionist at a family medicine clinic.

Why? I enjoy working with children and seeing them grow.

What is a normal day like for you? I wake up to get my little boy ready for daycare, drop him off and start work at 8 a.m. and I am at it until 5 p.m. Then I go get my little and come home for the evening where I get to be mom.

Why do you live/work in Bossier? Bossier is up and coming, yet still not quite as busy and crowded like Shreveport. I love it.

What is your favorite thing about Bossier? My favorite thing about Bossier is that I can pretty much get anything I need in one place!

Where is your favorite hang out spot and why? If I “hang out” it’s usually at my house with friends or at my families’ houses.

What is your favorite thing to do in Bossier? My favorite thing to do would be to go to the Boardwalk to watch a movie or to just walk around and be outside (except for the extremely hot days, of course).

What would you like to see Bossier have in the future it doesn’t have now? I would love Bossier to have a zoo and a few more restaurants and activity spots like Dave and Busters.

What do you want to accomplish in the future? I would just like to continue to grow and learn and make sure I continue to “move up” in life. I’d love to be able to save enough money to go to another country to experience other cultures.

If you could tell other people one thing about life in Bossier, what would it be? It would be that it’s a great place that continues to grow and if you want to live here, you better be ready for that growth!

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