Tour De Bossier with Pierre Bossier: Episode 4

What would the historical figure Pierre Bossier (1797-1844) think of modern day Bossier City, if he were able to visit? That’s the question that Tour de Bossier with Pierre Bossier – a new webseries from – attempts to answer. Join Pierre and a team of documentary filmmakers as they explore Bossier City, Louisiana, visiting local businesses, meeting friendly locals and occasionally challenging strangers to duel. Luke Sexton and Jaya McSharma star as Pierre Bossier and the filmmaker assigned to document his fish-out-of-water journey.

A new episode will be posted on this site every Tuesday in October. Episodes will also be shared via the Be Bossier Facebook page. Episode Four features Pierre and the gang visiting Party Central, Holiday Lanes and Off Limits Paintball.

If you want to retrace the steps of Pierre Bossier, check out this map of his tour across Bossier:

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