Take the Scenic Route Through Bossier Parish

Northwest Louisiana is home to a variety of communities with amazing people and places. Bossier Parish, as it so happens, is part of (and handy to) the Boom or Bust Byway. This particular byway takes you on a half day to full day trip around Northwest LA, getting you up close and personal with some amazing historic sites, fabulous eateries, museums, and picturesque scenery.

The Boom or Bust Byway sits just north of Bossier, and it runs as far east as Vivian and as far west as Lake Claiborne State Park. The entire byway is approximately 137 miles long, and crisscrosses through four Parishes: Caddo, Bossier, Webster, and Claiborne. You don’t have to travel the entire thing if you don’t want to, of course. It’s easy enough to hop on and off the route, so you can make your adventure as long (or short) as you like!

According to Louisianabyways.com, the Boom or Bust Byway boasts 18 pre-selected locations of interest. Many of them are historic sites and celebrate the rich history of Northwest LA. Travelers can explore The Louisiana State Oil and Gas Museum in Oil City, or the Herbert S. Ford Memorial Museum in Homer, which displays exhibits dating back to the early 19th century. If neither of those strike your fancy, check out the Germantown Colony Museum in Minden and stop off for lunch at Yummy Sushi—the eatery that answers the question: “what if someone converted a Sonic Drive-In to a sushi restaurant?”

If you want to avoid spending time indoors, the byway has you covered! Lake Claiborne State Park has excellently maintained hiking trails, a designated swimming area, boat rentals, fishing piers, playgrounds, and picnic areas. The Historic Dorcheat Bayou and Sikes Ferry Landing also offers the chance for fresh air. It’s a popular boating and fishing site, and winds through the entirety of Webster Parish. There’s also the Red River, reachable from Bossier City, and the Veterans Memorial in Belcher. There aren’t words to adequately express how beautiful all of these locations are, and Louisiana’s mild winters make them enjoyable and accessible year-round.

While all of the destinations along the byway are wonderful in their own right, half the fun is the journey. While the I-20 interstate makes travel fast and convenient, it offers little more than a passing glance at Northwest LA’s amazing wildlife, towns, and culture. In contrast, the Boom or Bust Byway takes drivers through the heart of a dozen small towns with vast expanses of woodland and farmland in between. Whether you’re just passing through or a life-long resident, we’re willing to bet you’ll find something new to love on the Boom or Bust. The next time you’re looking to hit the highway, choose one that’s on the byway.

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