Bossier Businesses Collaborate: How Bossier Parish Community College and Valveworks USA Work Together

Valveworks USA is a major economic player in Bossier Parish and regular contributor to the community. The manufacturer and distributor of oil and gas service products is especially committed to growing the labor force at home.

In fact, earlier this year, Valveworks expanded its partnership with Bossier Parish Community College by donating $100,000 over a four-year period. The donation will be payable in $25,000 annual installments, to support programs within the College’s Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (TEM) division.

“BPCC appreciates the Valveworks investment and the impact it will have on the College’s ability to expand access and opportunities for students pursuing jobs in these high-demand four and five-star careers fields,” said BPCC Chancellor Dr. Rick Bateman, Jr.

The funds will be used to support student scholarships and student success services associated with BPCC’s Industrial Technology, Oil and Gas, and Advanced Welding programs.

We talked with Valveworks marketing guru Lauren Roberts about this partnership and their commitment to Bossier…

Q: How did your collaboration with BPCC begin?

A: I first met with BPCC via the Bossier Chamber of Commerce to see how the oil and gas programs fit with our company.  I was able to learn more about the C4M and manufacturing programs that we eventually hired several students from.

Q: Valveworks is donating $25,000 annually to BPCC in support of its TEM division. What was the cause for Valveworks to make this very generous donation to support this program?

A: It is important to Valveworks to have a skilled labor force in our community to drive economic growth.

Q: How important is TEM for our local manufacturing industry?

A: Without a skilled labor force educated in manufacturing and technology, we cannot grow our production and manufacturing operations to include more efficient methods and extend our product lines.

Q: Moreover, how does Valveworks see the value of training locals to build a workforce here?

A: A skilled workforce grows the economy.  Manufacturing companies are looking for employees and the labor force is looking for jobs.

Q: What other ways has Valveworks partnered with BPCC?

A: I participate in employer presentations, resume cafes, speed interviews, company tours, and employer engagements where I provide feedback on the programs.  I am a part of the advisory board for the STEM programs.

Q: What do you hope is the end result of your partnership with BPCC?

A: I hope that Valveworks is able to consistently find skilled laborers from BPCC’s graduates and is able to help BPCC grow their programs to serve the community.

Q: Finally, tell me a little bit about Valveworks and your commitment to the Bossier community overall.

A: Valveworks USA is a business that geographically should be run out of Houston, TX — the hub of the Oil and Gas Industry. Valveworks remains in Bossier City solely because it is where Rick Roberts calls home.  Valveworks is committed to growing our local economy by providing stable jobs with opportunities for endless growth, partnering with our local college, and sponsoring and participating in countless organizations.

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