Bossier Millennial Pro: Allison Judge

Bossier is home to many unique young professionals who are already taking leadership roles or are preparing themselves to be the future of the community. Let’s meet one of these millennials!
Allison Judge is a 22-year old Louisiana Tech student working on a Computer Information Systems degree. A member of a military family, Allison has moved all over, including Alaska before she graduated from Airline High School in 2013.

“My home town is now Bossier City because this is where my family lives, however I feel that Alaska will always have a big part of my heart, but home is where you make it, right?”

She enjoys outdoor activities, trips and exploring new places with friends and family, and application development and web design. Read more about Allison below:

1. What do you do and why?
I go to school for Computer Information Systems at Louisiana Tech University to learn about how technology and teamwork can better businesses, and to get my Bachelor’s Degree in March 2018 so I can start my career path! When I am not at school I enjoy stopping by my parents bakery, The Wooden Spoon, and helping where needed…or just eating the cookies. On the weekends, I beertend with my best friend at Flying Heart Brewing. I love working at Flying Heart because of the impact on Bossier’s culture the brewery has.

2. Why do you live/work in Bossier?
I live and work in Bossier because of how naturally opportunities have developed. For example, when I graduate I am lucky to get the opportunity to work at CSRA’s Bossier ITC, where innovative methodologies and thinking are used locally to build custom solutions for the Government and companies. No need to move when the tech companies are moving to Shreveport/Bossier!

3. What is your favorite thing about Bossier?
My favorite thing about Bossier is that it is a small big town. Seems you can always find a familiar face and also meet new people at the same time!

4. Where do you like to hang out and why?
I like to hang out at Rhino Coffee because I am very addicted.

5. What is your favorite thing to do in Bossier?
My favorite thing in Bossier is to find new things to do in Bossier, there are always unique groups that do interesting activities.

6. What would you like to see Bossier have in the future it doesn’t have now?
What I look forward to the most in Bossier is the development of the revitalized downtown area on Barksdale Boulevard! Between the festival plaza and some rumored restaurants and bars moving to the street it really should bring a new dynamic to the culture of Bossier City!

7. What do you want to accomplish in the future?
I would like to be working alongside the Government to prevent and detect Cyber Crime or leveraging IT to provide business solutions and efficiency for local companies, while also supporting friends and family on their endeavors.

8. If you could tell other people one thing about life in Bossier, what would it be?
Life in Bossier is fun. Take advantage of the events going on and be open to opportunities that arise.

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