Like a Boss: Kuan Lim and Holly Lim, Lucky Palace in Bossier

This month’s Like A Boss guests are Kuan Lim, owner, and Holly Lim, manager, of Lucky Palace in Bossier. For the interview, Sara Hebert sat in for Like A Boss host, Sean Green. Kuan, Holly and Sara spoke about Lucky Palace’s success in introducing Bossier to the incredible pairing of wine with Chinese and Asian fusion cuisine.

Tucked away inside the Bossier Inn & Suites Hotel, the restaurant is a delicious oasis, boasting one of the largest selections of wine in Bossier City. To illustrate the restaurant’s caliber: Lucky Palace was recently named a semifinalist for the 2018 James Beard Award for Best Wine Program.

“We serve traditional Chinese food however some of the menu items are inspired by Southeast Asian dishes. Maybe one day I can incorporate some Louisiana spice or flavor into our menu as well, “ said Kuan.

“I started learning because I had a lot of customers inquiring about nice wines,“ said Kuan of how his passion for wine developed. “After that I got up two hours earlier start reading, and at nighttime, I taste wine often with distributors, collectors in town, just to learn more.”

For the interview, Kuan and Holly brought duck on scallion pancakes and a bottle of Chenin Blanc from Vouvray Clos du Bourg Demi-Sec to illuminate how wine and Chinese food can elevate one another.

“I think the richness and the weight of the wine can stand up with the duck. A lot of people think they would have red wine with the duck. I want to bring something that I discover. It’s the best way to share with friends,” explained Kuan. “I think the best way, when a big group comes to the restaurant, you sit at the lazy Susan and you can order 20 dishes and just share with everyone. So, you get a chance to try all the dishes instead of ordering just one. Because our menu is huge. we have so many different items on the menu.”

Kuan is originally from Malaysia. While on his way to San Antonio to scout a location for a new restaurant, he stopped overnight in Bossier. While here, he realized this would be the perfect location for his restaurant and stayed. He didn’t make it to San Antonio for another year and when he did finally see the city, he was glad he choose Bossier to be the home of Lucky Palace.

“The weather is nice over here! That’s part of the reason I was attracted to Bossier City. I really like the weather. I also really like the food from the South. All the people here are really kind and really friendly. That’s part of the reason I wanted to be part of the community,” explained Kuan.

Both Holly and Kuan make their home in Bossier and shared their favorite things about the area.

“This is a smaller town with smaller town charms. You can also enjoy the bigger city lifestyle. You can go to the casino, CenturyLink for concerts or a hockey game. If you want something to do, we have everything to offer,” says Kuan.

“I like to go to other restaurants like 2John’s. Bella Fresca. They’re all our good friends. Many others! Too many to talk about! I like to take my grandkids to the lake. We fish. We mostly ski,” added Holly.

Recently, Holly notes that she’s seen a lot of Texans in the Lucky Palace dining room. Their favorite? The Jalapeño T-Bone Steak, which Kuan describes as “Texas sized.”

Kuan also shared his wine paring recommendations for some of Sara’s favorite dishes at Lucky Palace:
⁃ Imperial Steak – Malbec from Argentina, Tempranillo from RIoja
⁃ Alligator with Garlic Sauce – Alescan Pinot Grigio
⁃ David’s Prawns – Champagne “You can drink champagne all through your meal.”
⁃ General Tso’s Chicken – Any red or even a sparkling wine, or “whatever you’d like.”

Lucky Palace in Bossier

Location: 750 Diamond Jacks Blvd
Contact: (318) 752-1888
Facebook: Click here
Twitter: Click here
Instagram: Click here

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