Tips From a Local Lawn Care Professional on How to Spruce Up Your Yard

Warmer weather along with spring showers means yards all over Bossier parish will start greening up. Along with flowers and grass come things like unwanted weeds, yard pests and disease. But local experts in the lawn and landscape business in Bossier have some tips to consider so you can experience the best yard you can get.

First off, they suggest weeding. There’s several ways to address weeds and each way has their advantages. The most effective way involves a little manual labor, simply just getting out and pulling up the pesky intruders. Simple hand tools are available from your local garden center.  To get rid of weeds grab a good pair of gloves, add a little manual dexterity, and you can get at the “root” of the problem once and for all. Tools to ask for are: fishtail, a leverage, or a Japanese weeder as these hand-tools are proven to work well in removing weeds by the root.

Another option is to apply herbicide, there are several “weed-and-feed” products either in pre-mixed liquid hose sprayers or granules sold by the sack. For granules, you’ll need a spreader to accurately and evenly apply the mix as per the manufacturer’s recommendations. Hand-held spreaders are good but if you have a larger lawn-space, a wheel-mounted spreader will make a big job easier to do and less stressful on the wrists and arms. Be careful to note the mix as some products are only recommended during certain times of year. It’s worthwhile to note that manufacturers recommend applying their products before the weather gets too warm or too rainy.

Lawn Solutions of Bossier City

Dave Morgan with Lawn Solutions of Bossier City says applying any lawn chemicals requires serious consideration.

“People should really be careful when applying things like lawn fertilizer or so called all in one ‘weed-and-feed’ sprays or granules,” Morgan explained. “It’s really better to have a year-around, regular maintenance schedule to keep the lawn and its root system healthy and well-fed.”

Watering is a critical factor. It should be scheduled and applied consistently.

“Watering too much or too little or at the wrong times of the day can really impact the quality of your lawn. Proper irrigation schedules and application systems are important to grass health and appearance.”

Then, there’s other considerations such as disease and infestations from cinch-bugs or moles. They can wreak havoc on a yard causing large brown patches or even areas where grass no longer grows.

“Being in the south, it takes a real aggressive strategy to keep your lawn green and healthy.”

While there’s a lot of information out on the internet for do-it-yourselfers, there are still times when a local lawn care professional should be considered.

“If you have concerns with your lawn or landscaping, it’s good to consult a professional who does this day in and day out,” Morgan said. “It’s not as easy as just running to the Home Depot and grabbing some yard treatment and putting it on your yard as you run the risk of damaging your lawn.”

A big problem that keeps lawns form growing well is matted accumulation of debris between grass blades and root systems. Accumulated organic material called “thatch” can cause dead patches in grass turf which allows for weed growth. A rake or power dethatcher is used to rake off and remove as much of the thatch. The lawn will look torn up but new growth should replace the dethatched areas in three to four weeks. Considering the time and energy involved, getting a lawn care professional to do the job might be a better option if you see a problem in your yard arise.

Morgan says there are three basic things to ask when considering a professional lawn service.

“I always tell people to ask around and see who has good lawn care and landscaping and ask who they use. Anyone can cut grass but a true lawn care professional who offers services ranging from simple mowing to designing and installing irrigation systems needs to be licensed and insured.”

Another thing is knowing what services you will get, what type of schedule and what the total cost will be.

“We can offer a written quote that explains everything before we begin so there’s no misunderstanding,” Morgan said.

So if you have great plans for your yard this season but aren’t sure where to start, it might be worthwhile to have a lawn care professional visit and see where help is needed.

Tips for Choosing a Professional Lawn Care Service:

  1. REFERENCES – Ask for references. Are they reliable?
  2. SERVICE QUOTE – What services, how often and how much cost?
  3. LICENSED and INSURED – Anyone can cut grass without a license
    but only a licensed pro with insurance can install irrigation or perform
    other services. If damages occur, you’ll want someone with insurance.

For a list of lawn care service providers, you can check out the Bossier Chamber of Commerce’s directory.

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