Like a Boss: Jenny Russell Lazarus, Lazarus Design Studio

Like a Boss is sitting down this month with its first Solopreneur guest, Jenny Lazarus of Lazarus Design Studio. Host Sean Green, and publisher of NWLA’s premier business publication BIZ. Magazine, finds out how she made the decision to be in charge of her own livelihood.

“My favorite part of my job is that I can spend one-on-one time with the client, and I’m not relying on someone else,” she said. “I have more quality control with a project where I’m going to be there from start to finish.”

The LA Tech grad has a degree in interior design with a minor in architecture, but she had a flair for graphic design.

“Getting out of college, I learned I loved graphic design and interior design equally. My struggle was doing graphic design and knowing I couldn’t give that up, but wanting to pull in interior design. I wanted to create a company where I could do both. There was no job that would allow me to do that, so I made it.”

Although she had a few courses that gave her some necessary background, Jenny revealed she was largely self-taught when it came to graphic design.

“When it comes to putting things together, you just have to have that eye. Some things can’t be taught.”

Before starting Lazarus Design Studio, Jenny worked for the Cyber Innovation Center’s NICERC designing their marketing and then worked in Bossier Parish Community College’s public relations department.

But when she finally decided to take the plunge last September, Jenny found a more than welcoming list of clients waiting.

“I stepped out on a Friday, planned to take a week to reboot, made a Facebook post and had so many projects come through Facebook that I had to start the following Monday.”

She admits that a major challenge for her was taking the leap of striking out on her own. So she went about reverse engineering how to get there and began saving money.

“You have to look at your calendar and say ‘This day, I’m going to start my company’ and work backwards,” she said.

She suggests identifying the materials and costs necessary for starting your own business and saving 2 to 3 months worth of salary. Then she said it comes down to networking to find the right people who need your services.

“It is doable, you just have to work really hard and talk to the right people.”

Among her various projects, Jenny designs logos, business cards, invitations and more.

“I have built the company with the niche of helping a startup company. I want to be a one-stop shop to get you on your feet.”

She is also excited about using her interior design skills to work with Cane River Brewery in Natchitoches.

“I’m focusing on the furniture aspect of it like designing the bar and working with the builder on that.”

She also recently laid out and did some design work on the Bossier Chamber of Commerce’s 2018-19 Annual Manual.

“Working with the Chamber has been a great process and learning all about Bossier. You are always learning (while working) on projects.”

Although she is a Natchitoches native and came to Bossier via Louisiana Tech, she and her husband, Tim, have been a part of Bossier for years and integrated into the community quickly.

“Bossier is a tight-knit community,” Jenny said. “Moving from Natchitoches to Ruston and Ruston to Bossier, i was freaking out. There’s an interstate you have to get to! But very quickly, my husband and I were able to get plugged in.”

And her favorite thing about living in Bossier? All the hidden gems.

“Tim and I love to get out and just walk in Louisiana’s nature. There’s a movie theater, the Louisiana Boardwalk, church festivals are always going on. And I love East Bank — being able to grab a beer and eat with friends at Flying Heart Brewing.”

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