4 Fabulous Places to Get Chicken Salad in Bossier

Chicken salad can be done in many ways but it still remains an all-time favorite. What makes the best chicken salad? Is fruit used? No fruit? What about pecans? Cashews? What should it be served on? Croissant or bun?

Most of these are personal preferences but despite what you prefer, here are four places in Bossier City that have fantastic chicken salad you do not want to miss.

1. Fat Tuesday’s Sandwich Shop

Every day is Fat Tuesday at this mom-and-pop type shop. This Shady Grove hidden gem welcomes you to the sound of Zydeco music making you feel right at home on the Red River bayou. They serve up sandwiches and half a dozen salads Monday through Saturday. Their chicken salad is made with pecan-smoked chicken breast mixed with mayo, toasted pecan pieces and cranberries dressed with lettuce, tomatoes and pickles served up on a toasted berry bread bun. That’s a mouthful as well as a mouth full of flavor. This zesty creole-infused sandwich really gives you the bang for its buck.

This sandwich meal includes a drink and a side for $10.76. Your choice of side can even be some homemade gumbo. One drink choice is their hurricane punch or their Red River Bayou tea. You can always combine the two making it a variety of flavors to keep your taste buds going.

*P.S.: They also serve King Cake year round! Just order at least 48 hours in advance. I bet it pairs excellent with their chicken salad.*

2. Canal Coffee Co.

Located in Diamond Jacks Casino, Canal Coffee Co., offers a variety of great food and drinks. At the top of the list of favorites is their chicken salad. Yes, a coffee company has delicious chicken salad. The new restaurant actually offers a lot of different foods but this is about chicken salad. Canal offers a deluxe chicken salad that comes with grapes, cranberries and the usual chicken salad ingredients as well as the standard chicken salad sandwich. The standard chicken salad is packed with flavor and generous amounts of chicken chunks. Both versions are served on a croissant. You can make it a meal with chips and a drink for $10.85 including tax.

The key to this chicken salad is the croissant and customer service. They refer to their croissant as being so soft you can use it as “moisturizer to the face.” When you walk into Canal Coffee Co., regardless of age, everyone is greeted with “young lady” or “young man.” A very friendly environment is found where they will not let you lift a finger while you are their guest.

If you are happy with your service, be sure to tip while you are there so you can take the tip bell and “wave it in the air like you just don’t care!”

3. Good Eats

You may be missing Good Eats storefront location but Mrs. Vera Parker is still blessing Bossier with her famous chicken salad. You read that right. You can still get the delicious chicken salad loaded with grapes and all the goods. Vera’s famous chicken salad can be found for sale in Birdwell’s, a new local home and gifting shop that recently opened its doors. What makes her chicken salad so special? This perfected recipe has been sold around Bossier for many years. With whole white and red grapes you’ll find no nuts. This means just like Mrs. Vera, this chicken salad is sweet!

Unfortunately since it is not sold in a restaurant setting, you’ll have to find your own form of bread, but it is definitely worth it. The largest size they sell is a quart that goes for $16.50 plus tax. However, they do offer smaller sizes like a pint for $8.50 and a half pint for $4.50. They also offer their Good Eats tomato basil soup and the fabulous garlic bread that used to accompany it.

Feel some nostalgia of a Bossier City favorite and visit Birdwell’s to shop and stock up on Vera’s famous chicken salad!

4. Cascio’s Market Bistro

Cascio’s says, “Shed Road may be a mess but we are still open!” This Bossier City favorite is still in business and serving up quality meals with great customer service. Everyone that enters Cascio’s is treated like family. Within this business they have perfected a tangy and delicious chicken salad recipe. They describe their homemade chicken salad as “fruity, nutty and tantalizing.” The sandwich comes served with lettuce and tomato on toasted honey wheat bread or sourdough bread. The sourdough bread they use is homemade by Shelia Partin. Her sourdough bread is available and multiple restaurants in the area but this family-owned business was the first to serve it up, making it extra special.

Hankering for another type of carb? Cascio’s offers anything from wheat sourdough bread to jalapeno cheddar that is sure to spice up any of their signature sandwiches. Their unique chicken salad blend costs $8.75 with your choice to add a side and drink.

Support this Bossier favorite by stopping by and saying hello and trying some of their chicken salad!

Wonderful places to get chicken salad in Bossier are not few and far between. In fact, there are many other places offering their own spin on the traditional chicken salad but these new and local favorites are a great place to start your chicken salad journey.

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