Select Film Prize Screenings to be Held in the East Bank District

Film lovers and filmmakers alike will unite for the annual Louisiana Film Prize held from Oct. 3-7. Since 2012, this film contest and festival has created buzz in the area for bringing together the creatives in our community. The festival’s screenings are held at various locations and this year one of those locations is the East Bank Theatre in Bossier. Screenings will be held at the theater on Friday, Oct. 5 and Saturday, Oct. 6.

Robin Jones, Executive Director for the Bossier Arts Council (BAC), is excited to draw more people in to the East Bank District.

“Anytime that there are events like the Film Prize happening in this area, it brings in new visitors that may have not seen what the East Bank District has to offer.”

Intimate Viewing Experience

She says the East Bank Theatre gives Film Prize goers the opportunity to have a more intimate viewing experience.

“Our intimate theater provides more of an opportunity for groups of friends to attend without having to worry that everyone may not get a seat,” Jones said. “It is a little more subdued than some of the larger venues.”

Chris Lyon, Associate Director of the Prize Foundation, agrees that this Bossier venue is perfect for those looking to get the Prize Fest experience with less crowds.

“Not everyone likes the intensity of the festival in downtown Shreveport,” Lyon said. “Bossier’s Prize experience is more accessible for some while still carrying the message and spirit of a vibrant community that is shared wherever Film Prize is present.”

Lyon says it was important for them to include Bossier as they were planning for Prize Fest. He always enjoys working with the team at BAC.

“Robin and her team at Bossier Arts Council have been instrumental in making Film Prize in Bossier a success,” he said. “Their dedication to the arts and artists is a prime example of why we consider the whole BAC team a part of the Prize Family and explains their ability to confidently carry the Film Prize torch.”

You Are the Prize!

There will be 20 films competing this year for the $50,000 grand prize at the film festival. The films are split into two different slates (orange and teal). The slates feature 10 films each. You must watch both slates and all 20 short films in order to be able to vote for a winner. Once you have seen all the short films, you may go to the voting booth and cast a ballot.

If you want to take a break after catching a screening at the East Bank Theatre, you can stop by the many delicious eateries in the area. Lyon hopes Film Prize attendees will take advantage of the cool area.

“Quite simply, the East Bank Theatre is one of the coziest and intimate screening venues in the area,” Lyon said. “Film Prize has had a presence at the BAC long before the renovation of the district, but new eateries and pedestrian-friendly, human-scaled environments make East Bank a prime space for hosting events and making it a night out on the town.”

For a full schedule of screenings with locations, visit the Film Prize website.

Click here to purchase your tickets for Film Prize 2018.

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