Fun and Affordable Things to Do in Bossier With the Kiddos

Summer is usually a paradise for kids and a challenge for parents. With children at home all day from the end of May through early August, parents need to get creative with how they entertain their kids lest they get bored…or go broke. The good news is there are many things to do in Bossier with the kiddos to keep them entertained! 

Christina Ivey is a parent to two sons — Cason, 3, and Jackson, 1 — and even though they’re not quite school-age, she still faces challenges keeping them entertained throughout the summer.

“My kids are in daycare, but they are still bored whenever they’re home. They like to be active and hands-on,” Christina said. 

She added that the good news is Bossier offers many options to keep kids entertained not only in the summer but throughout the year.

“Bossier is a good place to entertain kids and it’s only growing,” she said. “I grew up here and there are so many more things in Bossier than there had been in the past, which is great for a young family.”

A favorite of Christina’s boys is to get outside and enjoy the sun and warm weather. She notes there are a ton of options with parks across the parish. From the North Bossier Park to the South Bossier Park and in-between, there are a variety of attractions for families across the area.

“They love parks, anything that gets them outside and being interactive with their environment. They are stereotypical little boys – they want to run around, fall down, get dirty,” she laughed. “We really like the North Bossier Park because there’s a splash pad and playground.”

Even if they can’t get outside, Christina likes to keep her sons active. One way to do that, stay cool, and do it on a budget is bowling.

Holiday Lanes in Bossier City offers a Kids Bowl Free program for parents and kids. The program runs now through Aug. 31.

“I love finding hands-on activities for them. I want to spend time with and make memories because they’re going to remember that way more than any toy you can buy them,” she said. “I like bowling at Holiday Lanes because I can join in on the fun with them.”

Another option for kids to get their energy out in fun ways is through the Altitude Trampoline Park.

Altitude is a 25,000 square foot park that includes high-energy equipment such as trampolines, a foam pit, a NINJA course, and more all aimed at entertainment for families.

They’re offering a summer package that runs through Aug. 8 and has 3-hour sessions each day, Monday through Friday.

“Altitude allows them to get out all their energy in a type of attraction which you can’t find anywhere else in Bossier,” said Christina, “and I like it because it’s in the air conditioning!”

For a variety of options to entertain, engage, and excite kids, Christina said Surge Entertainment Center and Adventure Park is a huge benefit to parents in Bossier.

Surge offers bowling, laser tag, an obstacle course, sports simulators, arcade, foam playgrounds, and more. They even have food options for both parents and kids.

“There’s so much to do at Surge,” Christina said. “My kids can play the easier arcade games, I can let them go crazy and not worry about them getting hurt in the foam playground, or I can even take them bowling all in one place. Surge is a game changer for keeping your kiddos entertained.”

She said that the bottom line is that it’s easy to be a parent in Bossier. Mainly because the community and environment are suited to families.

“Bossier is very kid-friendly, family-centric, and attractive to young families. It’s safe and faith-oriented with plenty of options for families with children. We take walks in our neighborhood and see other families with kids our age, so we know other people are here because they want to be in Bossier,” said Christina.

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