BPCC’s ESL and HiSet Programs Help Bossier Immigrant Community Reach Their Goals

Spanish Version: ¡BPCC ayudando a los inmigrantes a alcanzar sus metas a través de programas ESL y HiSet!

The growth of this region is slow but steady, and every day there are more people who make Bossier City their home. Job and education opportunities are the key for people from other countries to find a window for their personal growth here. Doctors, engineers, teachers, military, businessmen and many other immigrants and their families seek to adapt to this country. Bossier Parish Community College (BPCC) offers the opportunity to better integrate them by teaching English and offering the HiSET classes.

Mark Hux is the ESL coordinator for BPCC, a program designed to help immigrants and anyone who wants to learn English. Mark has earned the love of hundreds of students who pass by his classroom every day. He and his team of teachers make every individual who attends classes feel welcome and the impact they are making in our community is considerable.

“The ESL program began in 2010 with a dozen students and there are already more than 1000 people. We are honored to change the lives of immigrants in this area. We have seen many people that have had an excellent profession in their home countries such as lawyers, doctors, etc. Our goal is to help them reach an English level so that they can carry out their professional life here, as in their countries,” says Mark.

Lupita Soto is the coordinator of HiSET, a program in Spanish that helps immigrants re-validate their middle school and high school studies. She has encouraged many students to continue their university career here.

“By 2020, it will be an essential requirement for all people to get a job or apply for a university. The program is open to all people of any nationality and is totally free.”

Immigration is part of the roots of this nation and BPCC contributes to its growth through education. Immigrants in the United States continue to reach more university degrees and high educational levels. In terms of their financial contribution, many of the largest companies have been founded by immigrants or their children. The integration and development of educational programs is key for communities and our country to continue to grow and BPCC knows it very well.

In Bossier City, several businessmen and professionals, including myself, have taken BPCC classes and have benefited from such programs, which undoubtedly change our lives and make us better citizens, with greater possibilities of giving back to this great country.

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